Harold Redwing

Harold Redwing

Lawful Neutral Human Wizard from Covenant

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 120 lb.


Harold was 10 years old when his parents moved to Covenant as part of the engineering team overseeing the construction of the central tower. Although old enough to remember his home in Asturia and harness a slight resentment toward Covenant, he quickly adapted to his new surroundings. If anything, Harold is a survivor. His parents died in a failed experiment during the construction of the central tower, and Harold was taken into Covenant chapter of the Asturian Magical Academy. Here, he quickly excelled and became one of the youngest graduates in the history of the academy. He adapts quickly and has slight opportunist tendencies. Despite this, however, he is honorable, dependable, and eager to help, almost as if searching for a place to fit in. He is currently employed as a battle mage with the rank of lieutenant by the Covenant guard.


Harold is a generalist wizard. His high ability scores allow him to be useful in mostly any situation, even when his spell casting is limited. His selection of spells coupled by the extraordinary ability to modify them he possesses lets him be prepared for almost any situation. Although his lack of specialization prevents him from becoming an overwhelmingly powerful caster, he can easily become the backbone of any group he is part of, given that he receives the necessary support.

Character Quirks

Harold has access to a few feats and abilities beyond what a character of his level would normally have. Some of these abilities have a drawback or some strings attached, but the specifics will not be revealed until a player finalizes his or her choice to play Harold:

  • Heroic Resistance
  • Natural Talent (Evocation, Transmutation)
  • Chain spell
  • Metamagic Extension
  • The Black Staff
  • Regional Bonuses—Covenant

Harold Redwing

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