Redmoon Nightbird

Redmoon Nightbird

Chaotic Good Elven Mystic Swordsman from Arkadia

Age: 180

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 97 lb.


Redmoon is the daughter of a famous and wealthy merchant and craftsman. Born into wealth, she led an easy childhood. During her adolescence Redmoon began to develop an interest in martial arts and swordsmanship. Rather than enroll her in one of Arkadia’s many military academies or martial arts schools, her father hired a wandering swordsman to train her in the ways of the sword. Shortly after the completion of Redmoon’s training, her teacher disappeared and her father grew ill and died within days. After her father’s death, Redmoon left Arkadia and wandered for several decades throughout the central and northern continents. Redmoon is a free spirit. She does not like being tied down by obligations to a place or organization. However, her travels have made her realize the importance and convenience of trust and reliance among traveling companions. Even though she may resent it, her training under the wondering swordsman unwittingly made her an officer of the Arkadian Navy Reserve, and even though she finds it troublesome, ignoring an official summons could easily have more dire consequences than carrying out whatever periodic missions they send her.


The swordsman class provides a character with a unique set of abilities. Most of these abilities are focused toward power and mobility in combat. With her ability scores and skills, Redmoon is better suited to finding and fighting the single greatest threat in a fight than a number of smaller creatures. Her limited casting abilities also allow her to take a less direct role if necessary.

Character Quirks

Redmoon has access to a few feats and abilities beyond what a character of her level would normally have. Some of these abilities have a drawback or some strings attached, but the specifics will not be revealed until a player finalizes his or her choice to play Redmoon:

  • Heroic Resistance
  • The Mithral Full-Plate
  • Regional Bonuses—Arkadia

Redmoon Nightbird

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