Erica Rogers

Erica Rogers

Neutral Good Human Fighter from The Confederacy of Asturia

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 109 lb.


Erica is the daughter of a merchant family. Heir to a small inheritance and prosperous business, she was at first reluctant to join the army when she came of age. However, early in her training her natural talent for combat became quickly apparent to her superiors. She was recruited into special ops training and continued her service. Erica is kind hearted and trusting, even to the point of being naïve. She has little experience of the world outside her father’s honest dealings with other merchants and, having just completed her military training, has had no time to experience the darker aspects of her profession. Erica is a lieutenant in the Asturian army.


Erica is a strength- and intelligence-based fighter. This means that she has access to both defensive feats and devastating attacks. She is a devastating melee presence in any fight, either controlling the flow of the enemies’ movements or methodically reducing their numbers.

Character Quirks

Erica has access to a few feats and abilities beyond what a character of her level would normally have. Some of these abilities have a drawback or some strings attached, but the specifics will not be revealed until a player finalizes his or her choice to play Erica:

  • Heroic Resistance
  • Physical Intimidation
  • Intercept
  • Tactical Genius
  • Regional Bonuses—Asturia

Erica Rogers

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